Dr. Stan Ponz interviews Music Artist Domingo Guyton. Domingo wrote the song “Trafficked” for the Make It Clear Studio short film “Trafficked”.

You can purchase the song “Trafficked” on itunes and Apple Music.

Make plans to join us at the World Premiere of the Make It Clear Studio short film “Trafficked” on May 10th 2021 in Roberta, Georgia were the film was shot.  Trafficked starts Annabelle Collins who won a “Best Young Actress” award for the role, ICFF People’s Choice Actor of the Year 2021, ICFF Actor of the Year Cameron Arnett, Actor BJ Arnett, Actor Zachary Thomas Meiser who won a “Best Actor Award” for the role, Christian Actor and Comedian Brad Stine, Actor Stephanie Parker, Actor Isabelle Almoyan, and Music Artist Domingo Guyton who wrote the song “Trafficked” for the film.

Many of the actors will be at the event. We look forward to seeing you there. Register for this free event at http://www.MakeItClear.org

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