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Dr. Stan Ponz

Dr. Stan Ponz serves as President of Florida Bible College in Orlando, Florida and is married to his high school sweetheart Carol, who led him to the Lord in 1966. They live in north east of Orlando. Stan graduated from Florida Bible College in 1972, where as a student he served as an officer in student government, participated in outreach events and youth ministry development. He also served on its faculty and as Dean of Men until 1979 when he earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Luther Rice Seminary. As a ministry leader, Stan is founder and president of Make It Clear Ministries (a national ministry that began in 1973 to help churches increase membership involvement while decreasing conflict), serves on the board of directors of Special Forces Ministries (a ministry to the San Antonio Police Officers), and is vice-president of Christian Impact Ministries - - Uniquely You Ministries (a national ministry providing seminars, leadership training, and resources in the faith based and business/professional community). He has co-authored with Dr. Mels Carbonell many of the Uniquely You resource materials used in church health development. As a minister since 1983, Stan has pastored three churches; a church plant in a suburban city in South Texas, strengthened a large church in rural upstate New York, and a historic church in a busy southern California city. While serving as lead pastor of International, he mentors pastors and Christian leaders across the country. He knows the heart of people and shepherding in different environments as a Bible expositor. As an educator, Stan founded a ministry training institute and a certified Bible College. He also does consulting for various Christian ministries in the area of conflict resolution and ministry leadership development. He has served in administration and on the faculty of four Bible Colleges, three of which were the former Florida Bible College, Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL and Word of Life Bible Institute in Scroon Lake, NY and has served on the Board of Advisors for one of America’s leading seminaries in southern California. Stan currently is guest faculty in Bible Colleges and Seminaries worldwide. As a writer, he has written numerous study manuals on theology, books of the Bible, as well as pamphlets on evangelism and discipleship including men’s ministry resources for Promise Keepers. He has also participated on the speaking teams for Promise Keepers Men’s Ministry Conferences and was on its writing team that produced Seminar Workbooks used in two training seminars to equip pastors and church leaders in getting more men effectively involved in men’s ministries. As a speaker, his energetic and solid Bible teaching makes him a sought after speaker at numerous Bible Conferences, Child Evangelism Fellowship, AWANA, Men’s Conferences, and Leadership Retreats around the world. In addition he has conducted training for many business and professional people in the areas of staff development, team building, vision-casting, conflict resolution, wellness, and at various marriage and family, and youth events. Both Stan and Carol are often invited to speak at marriage and family conferences. Stan is currently heard on WTLN radio Monday through Friday in Orlando Florida and on the Internet 24/7; and participates as a guest on numerous radio and television programs nationwide.
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  1. Eugene Enns (reply)

    September 20, 2020 at 9:39 am

    Thanks for this interview with Dr. Seymour. It brings back great memories. We continue to use all we learned at FBC and from you, especially about discipleship several years after we were out of FBC when you came to Auburn Berean Church, Auburn, NE as we were the pastor there. Our paths have taken us to youth work in Hutchinson, KS in the 70’s, our first pastorate in the 80’s and off to Canada to plant a church, and then to Grace Mission where we direct the ministry in Haiti and Mexico from our home office in Henderson, NE. Now we are moonlighting as we help to plant a church in York, NE. Its been challenging, growing, changing, and seeking to faithfully use the clear word of God as we present the gospel and seek to move believers on to maturity and dedication. Col. 1:28-29

    One of the most exciting opportunities we have had is discipling 3 young men in Haiti who are now leading ministries. Tidor leads a ministry to leaders, especially men, in which we teach family leadership and roles, the clear gospel, character, and leadership. We have a printed books in Creole in each of these topics. In fact we have the FBC PE book now in Creole and print 500 at a time. Our next step is to train 25 more leaders and have conferences all over Haiti, one time a month with these new men leading, guided by the original men. So far we have had over 3,000 men in these conferences. The topics we cover indicate our vision. We believe Haiti problems are rooted in failed men and when men become Godly men they will change the family, the church, the community and the nation. Thus we believe Haiti can be a different place without the poverty.
    Thanks for your ministry Stan, Eugene Enns

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