Make It Clear

Dr. Stan Ponz interviews Dr. Dick Hill of Glimpses of Grace

Dr. Dick Hill has served as a pastor/teacher since 1977. In the churches where he has been called to serve, Dr. Hill has been used by God to clearly communicate the Bible’s message of eternal life by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. By Dr. Hill’s passionate preaching of the gospel, the message of God’s grace has freed many from the clutches of legalism and the false, works-based gospel that permeates our culture. In addition to his passion to present the gospel with clarity, Dr. Hill works hard to make difficult Bible truths understandable through his teaching ministry. 

In addition to 45 years of faithful service as a pastor, Dr. Hill has served as executive director of Glimpses of Grace since founding this non-profit ministry in 1994. Through Glimpses of Grace, Dr. Hill has published a series of books that teach cherished Bible doctrines, and these books have led to opportunities to teach in conferences and churches throughout the South. The ministry hosts a Bible conference each June in Jackson, MS, and has an active web ministry (

For more than 50 years, Dr. Hill has maintained an active role in Ikthoos youth camp in Mississippi, a camp that has steadfastly preached the gospel and offered clear, Biblical teaching how to have a close, private, intimate walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, and thus impacted many thousands of young people over this period of time.

Dr. Hill is a graduate of Florida Bible College, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary (Th. M.), and Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary (Th. D.). He and his wife, Linda, have three children and nine grandchildren.

Books authored by Dr. Hill include:

  • A Glimpse of the Christ
  • A Glimpse of the Christian
  • A Glimpse of the Chosen
  • A Glimpse of Galatians
  • A Glimpse of Romans
  • A Glimpse of the Coming King